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  • Izak de Vries

The 2014 Election and looking at 2019

  1. My wish for the future of the DA (which, hopefully, will include a few other parties)

  2. My wish for the future of the EFF

  3. My wish for the future of the ANC The 2014 election was the first where a large number of people voted with their brains. That means democracy is taking root in South Africa. This election also bodes well for the 2016 municipal elections.

  1. The poor need a voice in parliament. No matter how misguided many of Julius’ speeches were, he spoke of what the people wanted. Since the ANC cares more for flashy cars, we need a voice for the voiceless. If we suppress those voices, red blood will flow, not red berets.

  2. The ANC under Zuma has lost its moral compass. Self-enrichment and inaptitude rule the once proud party. The EFF was the only party capable of taking votes from the ANC. (Zuma has already killed off the IFP – and Mango would NEVER get my vote, ever.) So, what is the future of the EFF? I wish I knew. They could become another COPE – which means that they will be dying by 2019 and be dead in 2024, but their reason for forming is somewhat different. Yes, Julius, like Lekota, etc, walked from the ANC (or better, he was pushed), but unlike COPE, the EFF did not start with a core of ex-fat cats, they built this party from within the left of the ANC. The next few months will be fun in parliament – imagine those young Turks understanding something of the protocol connected to the committees. With 25 seats they can make a lot of noise. Let’s hope the noise is about grassroots issues, not Breitling watches. My wish for the EFF’s future? I so darn wish that a wise man like Pieter Mulder would take the Turks under his wing to teach them organisational skills; and to teach them economics 101 ;-) If the EFF can concentrate on their core message and not start a leadership fight as soon as the speaker announces parliament open, I can see a lot ANC sweat going into running the country over the next five years. The EFF, more than any other party, holds the key to unlocking the soul of the ANC. The ANC Let us be brutally honest: Only hard-core whenwe’s believe that SA under the NATS was better than it is today. Sure, whities had it good, but that is hardly the issue. Despite the inaptitude in the ANC, they managed to steer the country’s stock exchange to untold highs, our roads are good (thanks to e-tolls (?) (ouch!), and in general the civil service is grinding on. If you ask civil rights groups like Section 27, you will notice that only the DA and the ANC have given any thought to policies in the past election. And often the ANC’s policies were very good – they just do not always implement them. Yet, no political party should be allowed the kind of self-enrichment that is taking place at present. Butternut is the rotting head of an organisation that is turning gangrenous with money going into the running the government, rather than spending it where it matters. Look beyond the KFC bills of the MECs and check the status of our municipalities. Once-proud towns are often dirty and without water. Why? The ANC officials party while the poor suffer. And Zuma is turning dangerous with all sorts of measures against the free press. Fortunately, the tides have turned. Despite the DA being what it is, we saw a lot of black votes going their way. If Zille steps down and the DA can become a South African party, we are going to see more people leaving the ANC. The ANC was well on its way to a 69% majority in this election – then the red berets came. In the next elections more black votes will turn blue… No party is untouchable. Look too at Gauteng: In the next election the ANC could easily dip under 50% in that province. For the first time the ANC has been challenged. How wonderful, that is what democracy is about. My wish for the ANC’s future? Funny, I think the other Zuma (Dr Dlamini-Zuma) should take the reins and crack the whip. Butternut should retire to his firepool – SOON, and anyone found with their fingers close to the till should be suspended. I cannot see it happening, but eish, I am allowed to dream. Second best would be for Baleka Mbete to kick Zuma out and to start curbing internal spending. I hope she has the guts. She may just have; and with the ANC losing votes, she may be forced into action. First Butternut must go. Damn, it comrades. Where are our leaders? Are you all too scared to make difference?

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