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St Georges Grammar School: A visual tribute

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The class of 2014 at St Georges Grammar School in Mowbray, Cape Town, achieved a 100% matric pass rate and 90% of them managed to get a Bachelors Pass. This is remarkable, since the school caters for a large range of learners. Yes, academia is important, but there are also learners with special needs attending the school.

My son is a Georgian and I have been privileged to be allowed to take my camera behind the scenes.

I would like to share this short, visual tribute to a school that embraces diversity and excellence.

c13 10 31 sggs a_157


While the school is closely linked to the St Georges Cathedral in Cape Town, it embraces religious diversity. The school’s racial demography reflects that of the Western Cape and learners with special needs, including Down Syndrome, are integrated into the school.

d 13 10 31 sggs b_012

d13 11 10 sggs b_164

d13 11 10 sggs b_018

d13 11 04 sggs_042

d13 10 30 sggs a_058

d13 10 18 sggs_092

Academic excellence

Here are the top-performing learners form St Georges’ class of 2014:

Robin Visser: 9 As, including 6 marks above 90%

Keenan Wong: 7 As including 2 marks above 90%

Pierre Bosch: 5 As and 2 Bs

Ameerah Camroodien: 5 As and 1 B

Joshua Chapple: 5 As and 2 Bs

Juliet Corder: 5 As and 1 B

Storm Johnson: 5 As and 2 Bs

Aslam Khan: 5 As and 2 Bs

Quanita Figueira: 4 As and 2 Bs

Jaymee Fowler: 4 As and 2 Bs

Nicholas Leon: 4 As and 3 Bs

These results are achieved by hard-working, dedicated teachers. The classrooms and other facilities are often unusual. Both high technology and simple tools are used to help learners achieve such standards.

e13 10 18 sggs_037

e13 10 18 sggs_186

e13 10 18 sggs_243

e13 10 30 sggs a_165

e13 10 31 sggs a_201

e13 10 31 sggs a_124

e13 10 30 sggs c_069

e13 10 30 sggs c_003


While small, St Georges Grammar School offers a variety of sports and number of Georgians managed to achieve provincial colours this year. Excellence is rewarded, but participation is more important.

f13 02 22 sggs gala a_209

f13 03 16 sggs sports day_093

f13 03 16 sggs sports day_263

f13 10 31 sggs a_021

f14 08 26 sggs soccer_014


The school proudly supports art and encourages creativity.

g13 10 30 sggs c_256

g13 10 31 sggs b_117

g13 10 31 sggs c_283

g13 11 10 sggs b_167

Recycling success

St Georges also runs a very successful recycling operation, benefiting the entire community.

h13 10 30 sggs a_415

Well done, form a proud parent.


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