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‘n Oulap se sop loop ver- so was dit altans in die goeie ou dae. My “Grassnyer” (die 1961-model Fiat 500-Gardiniera) kon iets soos 58 tot 60 myl per gelling haal. Dis ‘n fenomenale 5 liter op 100 km.

Onthou, petrol was toe spotgoedkoop – net oor die 40 sent ‘n gelling (4,5 liter), d.w.s minder as tien sent ‘n liter. Vandag betaal jy heelwat oor die R10 per liter. Ondanks allerlei kompressors en turbo’s en dinge kan jy jouself gelukkig ag as jy wegkom met minder as R1 per kilometer.

Ek het gaan Google n.a.v. “Laserstraat”se spoggery in ‘n kommentaar op my vorige blog, “Jou klein klits”. Hy meld sy nuwe 1965 Vauxhall Viva het hom 41 myl per gelling gegee, wat nauurlik self nie te versmaai is nie, veral as jy die verskil in krag en top-snelheid in aanmerking neem.

Vir ‘n arm man se sak was die Fiat egter nommerpas.

Op Google het ek ook die foto’tjie van die rooi stasiewaentjie (identies aan my my donkerbloue) raakgeloop – asook ‘n paar interessanthede wat hier met die nodige erkenning graag byhaak:

K or Giardiniera (1960–1977)

The estate version of the Fiat 500 is the longest running model. The engine is laid under the floor of the boot to create a flat loading surface. The roof on this model also stretches all the way to the rear, not stopping above the driver and front passenger as it does in other models of the same period. The K also features “suicide doors” and was the only model to continue to sport this door type into the 1970s. In 1966 production was transferred to Desio where the Giardiniera was built by Fiat subsidary Autobianchi.[1] A total of 327,000 Giardinieras were produced, later examples having Autobianchi rather than Fiat badging.[1]

Long distance travel in 500s

  1. In July 1958, seven Fiat 500s, including at least one 500 Sport and several Abarth-tuned 500s, contested the first and only LiègeBrescia-Liège Rally for cars up to 500cc. Though beaten by the Berkeley SE492s and Messerschmitt TG500 on the opening hillclimb, the Fiat 500s showed exceptional durability, battling through this almost non-stop 3300 km event, over testing dirt-road passes in the Italian Dolomites and Yugoslavia, to win. First place was taken by the 500 Sport of Italian Arturo Brunetto and Argentine Alfredo Frieder, second by the Abarth 500 of Luxembourgers Wagner and Donven, with 500s also taking 4th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 13th places. While only 13 of the 29 competing cars finished the rally, all seven 500s did, establishing the car’s credentials as a capable all-round car.

Fiat 500 World Expedition from Australia

  1. In May 2007, a 1969 Fiat 500 (“Bambino” in Australia) driven by Lang Kidby and his wife Bev started their Fiat 500 World Expedition from Australia. Driving from Vladivostok through Russia they arrived in Garlenda, Italy in time for the car’s 50th anniversary celebration. Shipping from Belgium the car set out from New York to travel all the way to Anchorage, Alaska before returning to Australia—32,000 road kilometres in just 99 days. It is believed to be the smallest car to complete a world circumnavigation.

  1. On 18 April 2005, a 1973 Fiat 500 linked Bari, Italy, to Beijing, China, in a 16,000 km journey across the whole of Russia and passing through Vladivostok. Driven for 100 days by Danilo Elia and Fabrizio Bonserio, the old and tiny car was followed along its journey by newspapers and television from all over the world. After the long journey Elia wrote a book entitled La bizzarra impresa (ISBN 88-7480-088-6) (“The bizarre exploit”), now available only in Italian and German (Echt Abgefahren, National Geographic Deutschland, 2007, ISBN 978-3-89405-834-0). In April–June 2007, the same car driven by Danilo Elia ran around the Mediterranean sea for more than 10.000 km, being the first Fiat 500 to reach the Sahara dunes.

My bors swel oor my “klein klits”. Dalk het ek hom doerie tyd onderskat!


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