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  • Izak de Vries

Fletcher, by David Horscroft

Warning: This book contains foul language and gratuitous violence. Stop reading now if these things are not for you, as this review shall not shy away from them.

  1. Anyone who loves political science will find the play between corporate wealth and limp governments wonderful – the end reveals the true meaning of this horror.

  2. Anyone who loves science fiction will find the armoured suits and chemical warfare pitched against old-fashioned use of muscles and brain cells fascinating.

  3. Anyone who loves Tarantino’ movies should read this, but be warned this is way beyond anything his mind can dredge up. If you have read this far, then you should know who is not to read it. Fletcher is a disgusting, repulsive book, but I highly recommend it. Why? It forces us to look in the mirror. That is why.

* * *Fletcher, by David Horscroft, was published by Fox & Raven Publishing and it can be bought via their emporium.


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