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80 gays around the world

I chose this angle on purpose, the minaret in the background and Brent’s arm waving at the globe speak of suffering at the hands of intolerant people: Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, Shinto’s, bigots and atheists…

How do men who like men survive in places hostile to them? Brent Meersman went on a journey of discovery. He found sex; legal and illegal. He travelled through 18 countries on six continents.

80 gays around the world is an explicit travelogue. Some of it is fun, but there are sad stories as well, such as those of men who are forced into hetero marriages, needing then to find sexual fulfilment in dangerous places.

Mike Nicol said about this book: “These stories transcend the gay theme, they are about people making (or failing to make) their way in the world.  Their essential human condition is easy to feel and identify with.”

Pieter-Dirk Uys is part of the collective, Missing Ink, that has published Brent’s book.

Even when he is serious, Pieter can be very funny.

The launch was held at Bibliophilia, 48 Albert Road in Woodstock. Xavier Nagel owns Bibliophilia. Xavier Nagel Agencies also distributes for Missing Ink.

Brent and Pieter were at the South African Book Fair as well, just follow this link and scroll down.


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