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Weeping Waters by Karin Brynard

14 11 10 Karin Brynard_017

I was at the launch of Weeping Waters last night.  It is the English translation of the brilliant Plaasmoord.

14 11 10 Karin Brynard_015

Andrew Brown (right) interviewed her, so we had two amazing authors entertaining us in the Book Lounge.

Andrew praised Karin for not dwelling on the death of the child – that would have been too much. The woman’s death is rather gruesome. Karin says violence, like sex, needs to be held in check.

Andrew, a sergeant in the Police’s reserve force, also praised her for the sensitive way she dealt with the police as well as the careful way in which she waylaid the right-wing claims that all farm attacks are racially motivated. Karin pointed out that she used to be a political journalist.

All in all it was yet another very good night for crime writing in South Africa!

14 11 10 Karin Brynard_049

Mervyn Sloman, the owner of the Book Lounge

* * *


It also comes as an e-book.

* * *

Seen at the launch!

14 11 10 Karin Brynard_006

Hettie Scholtz

14 11 10 Karin Brynard_093

Irna van Zyl

14 11 10 Karin Brynard_008

Malene Breytenbach

14 11 10 Karin Brynard_013

Ingrid Winterbach

14 11 10 Karin Brynard_081

Karin's husband, Rien

Liesl Jobson, covering the event for BooksLive

14 11 10 Karin Brynard_088

Karin with Karina M. Szczurek

Fourie Botha, publisher at Umuzi


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