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Nes EK DIT wil HE

Aangesien ek op die stadium so effe van n mudderfucker skrywers blok het, en sukkel om in afrikaans te skryf, begin ek soms in engels aangan net om so bietjie die juices te laat gaan, and this will be the end product

Just as I WANT it

Staring into your eyes, trying to capture every moment of perfection

in this ocean of regret

I promise I wont take one more step

I promise I cant walk on water but, i know you cant either.

Tricke your tears all over my heart

to far to let go to close to make a new start.

Dwell your eyes all over my soul

listen to my words that console.

How simple my life,how easy my goals

where we will go from here only God really knows.

The solitude of my single bed gives me comfort,the barren sheets gives me freedom

I would rather not sleep at all if i have to sleep without you

me and you,one and one makes two.

Carress you fingers over my cheecks

dry up my tears with a kiss

soothe my soul with your tongue

heal my heart with yours

ME and YOU,one and one makes two.

© Charlsiebun


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