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  • Izak de Vries

Afrikaans aan Suid-Afrikaanse Universiteite

Terwyl die Pole Suid-Afrikaners aanstel om Afrikaans uit te bou, is daar ’n kabaal ter plaatse wat alles doen om Afrikaans uit Suid-Afrikaanse universiteite te hou.

Ek gaan nou nie vir julle goed vertel wat julle nie weet nie, daarom wil ek graag sê: Lees Hermann Giliomee se stuk: “A deadly war of languages”. (Kliek hier.)

Giliomee sê:

There is an element of déjà vu in this. A century ago Afrikaners were urged to accept parallel or dual-medium institutions to build a new nation out of the two white communities (or “races” as they were then called). Those Afrikaners who objected were accused of fomenting racial hatred. The popular Afrikaans journalist CJ Langenhoven parodied the plea as follows: “Friends, let us make peace and keep the peace. Let the lamb and the lion graze together; the lamb on the grass and the lion on the lamb. The lamb will soon be part of the lion. It will be to the honour of the lamb and the delight of the lion.”

Lees gerus die res self. Hy sluit af met:

Afrikaans -- and an effective form of instruction, particularly for students at risk — is the casualty. It is a great cultural tragedy that is unfolding. Not only the university but all of South Africa will be immeasurably poorer if Afrikaans is fatally weakened at Stellenbosch.

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